The regional security situation remains serious despite the peace process in Afghanistan "

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the current peace process in Afghanistan was presented as a major opportunity. However, the situation of terrorism and security in the region remains serious.

He spoke to the Pakistani media after meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Afghan Foreign Minister Salahuddin Rabbani.

Pakistan held the third round of trilateral dialogue with the foreign ministers of China and Afghanistan on Saturday in Islamabad, with the aim of improving political relations and ensuring peace in the region.

Wang and Rabbani arrived in Islamabad on Saturday and were received by Qureshi.

Foreign Ministers discussed security cooperation and the counter-terrorism strategy, as well as improving their connectivity.

The dialogue between the Sino-Afghan-Pakistani Foreign Ministers was established in 2017 with the aim of cooperating in the mutual interest, with a focus on cooperation on economic development, peace and security. The first meeting was held in Beijing in 2017 and the second in Kabul in 2018.

These meetings provided an opportunity for the three countries to illustrate their joint efforts to facilitate the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan.

Qureshi began the press conference on Saturday after a meeting between the three foreign ministers.

Addressing the Afghan Minister of Foreign Affairs, he said: "I would like to take advantage of your presence here, Sir, to reiterate our invitation to the President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, for the joint inauguration of the Doha talks."

He then told the Chinese minister that Pakistan not only regarded China as a close friend, but also as a good neighbor and trusted partner. He added that China's growing interest in regional connectivity would benefit the entire region, including Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Qureshi told the two leaders that he was eager to see progress on the peace process in Afghanistan and hoped that the US-Taliban Framework Agreement would move to the next stage, namely intra-Africa negotiations. -afghanes.

This will ensure lasting and lasting peace in Afghanistan and throughout the region, he said.

Qureshi confirmed that the next round of negotiations will be held in Beijing.

Before giving the floor to the two foreign ministers, Qureshi thanked them for coming to Pakistan. "Gentlemen, it has been a pleasure to welcome you here," said Qureshi. He added that Pakistan would like young diplomats from both countries to go to Islamabad.

Speech by the Chinese Foreign Minister

The Chinese Foreign Minister began his speech by thanking Pakistan for organizing the trilateral dialogue with China and Afghanistan. "It is a great pleasure for me to come to Pakistan for the third round of trilateral talks," he said.

Wang said the peace process in Afghanistan is presented as a major opportunity, but that the situation with regard to terrorism and security remains serious.

"Some of the disputes left by history have degenerated and regional stability is facing new challenges," he said, adding that unilateralism and protectionism are on the rise, undermining the legitimate right of countries' interests. developing countries, including China, Pakistan and Afghanistan

At this critical time, he said, it is extremely important and necessary for the three ministers of the three countries to hold this dialogue. He said that the three leaders had expressed themselves in depth and had reached a broad consensus, which he would like to summarize in five points.

"First, although trilateral cooperation began not long ago, it has had positive results in encouraging solidarity and cooperation between the three parties to advance political reconciliation in Afghanistan, to strengthen regional connectivity and to promote the common development of the region, "he said, adding that this new trilateral cooperation, which constitutes a new type of practice in sub-regional cooperation, responds to the strong interests of the people of this region for the He called it an "equal, open, practical and effective" dialogue that demonstrates great vitality.

His second point was the situation in Afghanistan, which he said was at a critical juncture. "The withdrawal of foreign troops must be done in a methodical manner

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