The court asks the prison authorities what facilities are available for Zardari

A liability court wants to know how many facilities are available to former President Asif Ali Zardari in his prison cell in Adiala. The PPP co-chair is in pretrial detention in cases of money laundering and corruption in Park Lane.

The court requested details from the prison authorities.

Judge Raja Jawad Abbas heard the case on Tuesday.

Zardari's lawyer, Latif Khosa, said his prison cell was improved after his first arrest in 1999. "But today he has no access to such facilities despite court orders," he said. he added.

Khosa said his client suffered heart problems and that his health could deteriorate if his prison cell was not updated, adding that Zardari also wanted to keep a personal assistant.

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The NAB prosecutor, Usman Mirza, said there was already a guard in the prison and that he could take care of Zardari.

Zardari's lawyer also requested the installation of an air conditioner in his cell.

ASP Adeel jail said it wrote a letter to the secretary of the home for air conditioning. It will be done once approval is obtained, he told the court.

However, the NAB prosecutor said the establishment of a detention center in the Zardari prison cell was not mentioned.

The case will be heard again on September 4.

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