Here are all the facilities available for Zardari in prison

Former President Asif Ali Zardari has been given a better prison cell in accordance with the 1978 Pakistan Prison Rules, a report submitted by the Adiala Prison authorities to a Wednesday court of responsibility .

The co-chair of the PPP is on remand in the money laundering and corruption cases in Park Lane. He was arrested on June 10th.

According to the report, Zardari has an LCD screen, two coolers, a physiotherapy chair and receives newspapers every day. Better classroom facilities mean that Zardari wears his own clothes and shoes as well as his own bed, mattress, radio, toiletries and newspapers. The cost of all this is at his expense.

"The government does not support any expense for the provision of a facility to a better-quality prisoner other than those to which any ordinary prisoner is entitled," the report says.

The court asks the prison authorities what facilities are available to Zardari

Zardari's lawyer asked the authorities to let his client install an air conditioner in the cell because of his heart problem. The report, on the other hand, stated that Zardari had been examined by a medical team on 21 August and was subsequently admitted to a hospital team. The medical team advised the prison authorities to ensure that he receives medication and physiotherapy. "No other measures have been recommended by the medical commission," the report says.

He also said that the law contains a provision allowing any prisoner to keep a personal escort.

The authorities wrote a letter to the Punjab Legal Department asking them whether Zardari should receive a CA or not.

On Tuesday, the court asked the prison authorities to provide details on the premises made available to the imprisoned former president. Zardari's lawyer, Latif Khosa, told the court that the PPP leader had been placed in a class A prison cell during his first arrest in 1999. "But he does not have such facilities today despite court orders, "he added.

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