Governor of Punjab vows to name school after Salahuddin

Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar met with Salahuddin's family, who died in custody in Rahim Yar Khan, to offer his condolences.

Salahuddin was arrested at Rahim Yar Khan after pictures of him allegedly stealing an ATM became viral on social media. One day after his arrest, the police announced that he had died in custody.

His father, Mohammad Afzaal, thinks the police killed his son. He told SAMAA TV earlier that he had seen the bruises and abrasions on his son's body.

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Governor Sarwar visited them in their village of Kamonki. Speaking to the media, he said they were not asking for monetary compensation and had refused his offers. They have just requested that a three-mile road be built in their village and that gas be supplied, he said. Afzaal also requested that a school be named after his son.

If the government can not do that, then we have no reason to be in that position, said the governor. He promised that all three requests would be met.

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